Hey! My first official post! Currently, on the finishing leg of a European tour with Slipknot. Europe has been awesome. Smoked bunts with pink bunnies, cuddled with pandas, and hung out with Phil from Motorhead. I hope some of you guys were there to share it with me....shout out if you were at the food court at that mall in Poland. I sat down to eat ramen and literally every kid there just sat all around me! You guys rock! Here's some pictures from my trip so far! 


Nathaly Charria

Nathaly Charria is an independent curator and art consultant specializing in large-scale public art installations. She began her career at the Biennale of Sydney while simultaneously establishing roots in Miami with Art Basel. Charria thrives on building a body of work that calls attention to those underrepresented in the traditional art world. She continues to identify and support world-class emerging artists who choose to push the boundaries of contemporary art.